Hillel N. Goldstein, PsyD, LPC 

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Dr. Goldstein has an adult brain injury (ABI) psychotherapy and counseling private practice at the Brain Injury Foundation of St. Louis (BIFSTL). He treats individuals, couples, families, and care-partners impacted by all varieties of acquired brain injury. Dr. Goldstein subspecializes in aphasia. He focusses on harnessing the healthy tissue toward rewiring affected systems.


Metatheoretically, Dr. Goldstein is an existentialist. In practice, he employs evidence-based treatment protocols customized for each case, integrating motivational interviewing, behavior therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and psychoeducation.

Dr, Goldstein collaborates with physicians, speech and language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, and other behavioral health and rehabilitation professionals. His patients and clients are referred by hospitals, post-acute rehabilitation facilities, university clinics, the MO DHSS ABI program, and private parties.

Dr Goldstein earned his Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in clinical psychology from Adler University, Chicago; his Master of Science (MS) in experimental psychopathology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison; and his Master of Arts (MA) in social psychology from Princeton University.

Presentation Information:

Topic:  Behavioral Health                  Title: Addiction and Brain Injury

Synopsis: Dr. Goldstein will review the complicating factors that make treating substance use disorder challenging with individuals with brain injury as well as why substance use is more dangerous to individuals following an injury. Dr. Goldstein will explain why some traditional approaches fail and ways to make therapeutic interventions accessible and successful for individuals with brain injury.


Dr. Goldstein works though Brain Injury Foundation of St. Louis. Here is their website!