Scott Breedlove MS CPS MARS

Scott Breedlove has always been an imaginative and informative presenter.  I remember in the past he gave an excellent presentation dressed as Batman. I must admit I am looking forward and am intrigued by his presentation which includes lessons learned from an African Elephant and other strange places

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Scott Breedlove holds a Master of Science Degree in Addiction Studies from the University of South Dakota and has 17 years of experience working with clients and serving in various roles including peer, counselor, supervisor, director and trainer. Scott currently serves as the Assistant Director for the Missouri Credentialing Board and has a private practice in which he conducts substance use disorder classes. Scott has been a master trainer for the ATTC Network since 2006 focusing primarily on Clinical Supervision training, Technology Based Clinical Supervision training and Ethics & Technology. Scott is a frequent conference speaker across the nation including providing keynote sessions for the Iowa Governor’s Conference on Substance Use, the West Coast Problem Gambling Conference, the Missouri Treatment Court Association Conference and the Louisiana Association of Drug and Specialty Courts Conference.  Scott celebrated 29 years of personal long-term recovery in September 2021.

Presentation Information:

Topic: Motivational Recovery Talk                       

Title: Recovery Lessons Learned From an African Elephant and Other Strange Places

Synopsis: This training will discuss recovery principles that I have learned in my 29 years of personal recovery. This session will be motivational and humorous while helping professionals grasp key recovery principles that they can share with individuals they are providing services to.


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