Jim Marshall - Cody's Gift

Jim Marshall has a background in Substance Use Prevention, Mental Health First Aid and has been a kid's speaker for the last 10 years. He has a Bachelors Degree in Education and a Masters in Counseling.  



Mr. Marshall has been an educator and coach for the last 38 years and been a coach in middle schools, high schools and at the college level.  He has been a speaker for the last 10 years and has made 700 presentations in schools, conferences, workshops, churches and conventions. He has the following accomplishments in this area:

1.   Drug Free Educator of the Year 2014

2.   Central Missouri American Red Cross Educator of the year 2010

3.   Missouri State high School Coaches Hall of Fame 2007

4.   Missouri State Hall of Fame inductee 2013

5.   Ritenoier High School Hall of Fame 2021

6.   Senate Bill 87  2018 Bailey and Cody's Good Samaritan Law Co-author and Lobbyist

7.   Senate bill 63 2021 Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Co-Author, Lobbyist and Testified              Presenter.

Presentation Information:

Topic: Mental Health - Trauma       

Title: Adolescent suicide and substances abuse and their effects on each other and our youth     

Synopsis: The Struggle Epidemic


This is his website which includes more information and his contact information